Man: "I saw what looked like an arrow of light fall in the distant skies…"

Holland: "Arrow of light?"

Man: "There was a huge explosion, and then suddenly we had a tectonic shift in the city. A h-huge round cloud suddenly popped up, along with a tremendously-dense stream of trapars! *quaking* A-And then everything w-went crazy…"

Holland: "Wait a second, a cloud appeared right after the arrow fell to the ground?"

Man: "Before we knew it, those things were all over the city! THOSE CREATURES-!"

Holland: "ANSWER ME! Those things attacked the city AFTER you saw the explosion?!"

Talho: "Holland…"

Holland: "… I’m sorry…"

[Episode 32: Start It Up]

I always really liked this scene. It wasn’t even an entirely big scene either; it was Holland talking to this man and helping him bring over supplies and survivors from an Antibody Coralian attack in their city. The way the man was describing the attack, and how much fear just shook from his words, was a very interesting perspective. He looked to be someone of importance too, like a Mayor of a city or a member of the city’s military. To see how he quaked at the thought of the attack and lost control like that was unfortunate to watch.

Alongside that, Holland seems to be trying to get to the root of the problem and hoping that the man will calm down, so he resorts to force to try and get his answer. When Talho steps in to sort of calm him down and bring him back to reality, he realizes he has to be patient and consider the man’s feelings. Obviously Holland feels he’s in a race against time to find the truth behind the attacks for the sake of Renton and Eureka (thus he uses force) but I like how Talho is the one who brings him back down to the Earth again. He can’t force himself onto other people to achieve his goal.

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