Anonymous asked:"I cannot understand a word on both sides of the family record book. I know that the right side mentions the list of current and deceased members of the family and the dates of when they were added to the book, but as far as the left side, I got no clue. All I can judge is that is has the date of when the marriage/adoption paperwork was finalized and the mid-section has the children's names."

You’re correct about the right side.


As for the left, all I know is that its information of the Residency Identification. I can’t read all of the Kanji, but its likely regarding the adoption papers for the kids so that they can legally live with Axel. (The date listed under the title is the registered birthdays/official certified-as-Thurstons-days of Eureka and the kids).


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Anonymous asked:"So strange that of the three men who vowed to protect Eureka - a kind but fatherly scientist, a determined but hardened former ace unit leader, a naïve but strong-willed teenage boy - Eureka would chose the 14-year-old boy she barely knew over the first two, whom she knew almost everything about because the boy taught her how to smile and realize how to be a good person. Had Eureka not met Renton and no partner was found in time, she might have chosen Holland for the sake of the planet not love."

Well simply because she knew them and they cared for her very much didn’t mean she was obligated to choose them of course. As well as that, both Holland and Adrock cared for Eureka in a paternal sense (though Holland was arguably more confused about the whole thing since Norb gave him the prophecy when they were in the SOF). It is true that she might have been forced to choose for the sake of the planet and not romantic feelings, but it wouldn’t have worked if she was forced (sort of like how Sakuya and Norb tried, but didn’t have a vehicle to bring them to the promised land and this led to their failure).

The Scabs set it up so that the one who makes Eureka change and smile will be the one who will help to save the world from the Limit of Questions being reached. If there was something wrong or false about the choice, the Scabs would know and failure would be inevitable.

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Anonymous asked:"Notice how off the timelimit in Eureka Seven. I know it takes place in 12005, but what I don't get is the events ten or so years ago. Like whether or not Eureka was found the same year Renton was born and was with Adroc until his disappearance when Renton was about 4. During that time, she had no contact or knowledge about Renton. Also, after his disappearance, she was immediately brought to the military, assigned to Holland's care, meaning she was with him for at least a decade, but not sure."

Sorry, I’m not quite sure myself. Off the top of my head, all I remember is that Adrock disappeared a bit before Renton was a toddler, as he was that age when he lived alone with Diane. Clearly Eureka ages differently as well, being a part of the Scab Corals, so it doesn’t really matter so much.

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Track Title: Distant Memory

Artist: Eureka Seven

Album: Eureka Seven Original Soundtrack 1 [Disc 1]


Leading Gentlemen

We showed off our leading ladies before, now we’re showing you their counterparts! These are final for the demo, but not necessarily for the final product, since things are constantly shifting around.

Holland is courtesy of Pachi, Renton of Roslutece, and Dominic of colormymemory.

Again, they’re all route specific, so each artist’s representation of different characters is separate from the other routes.

For all of you in Seven Swell Studios


I am so flipping tired but so flipping happy because I was putting details and fade ins and sprites and music into the VN demo all night and I am damn impressed with the quality of everyone’s work in the nearly finished end product, I love all of you guys <3

Are you guys interested in having a demo release party on Nov 1? (saturday)

We can have a midnight release and just hang out and stream e7, chat on skype, play video games or cards against humanity or something while we count down. Anything you guys want c:

Let me know if you’re interested!

Yes totally!!


Get to Know Me » [3/5] Pairings
↳ Dominic Sorel & Anemone - Eureka Seven


エウレカ交響詩篇エウレカセブン/ゆきたPhoto by MOMO


Photo by MOMO